Reviews about Prostaline

  • Klaus
    I started noticing signs of prostatitis more than a year ago. I did not want to go to the doctor, and there was no time. On the Internet I found a natural remedy for prostatitis Prostaline. I drank the course - all the symptoms disappeared. Very happy with the drug.
  • Sabine
    Bought Prostaline for my husband 2 months ago. He had problems with the prostate for a long time, but he flatly refused to go to the doctor. And this drug is natural, it cannot harm. So I ordered it and began to give it to my husband instead of vitamins. Helped a lot!
  • Dennis
    I drank the entire course of Prostaline half a year ago. I felt the effect of the reception on the third day. After the treatment, pain disappeared, sexual life returned to normal. During this time, the symptoms of prostatitis did not return.
  • Peter
    Prostaline comes in the form of capsules. They are tasteless and easy to drink with water. While undergoing treatment, my wife thought it was vitamins. The drug is really good, it helped me!
  • Michael
    In my 60s, I have long forgotten what a normal potency is. The doctor at the reception advised me to take a course of treatment with these capsules. They really did a miracle: the pains disappeared, it became easy to urinate and my wife was very pleased with me in bed!
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